Securing a Favorable Outcome for Your Case

At The Montgomery Law Firm, LLC., we provide comprehensive criminal defense services, with particular expertise in DUI, battery, and domestic family charges. If you find yourself facing a criminal charge, it is essential to secure legal advice promptly. We offer free consultations, offering clear guidance on what to expect and the best strategies to handle your case.

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Criminal Defense

Our firm is renowned for its extensive experience in a broad spectrum of criminal defense matters. We are committed to giving your case the attention it deserves, whether you're dealing with a traffic violation, misdemeanor, or felony. We proudly serve clients in Bryan County, Chatham County, Liberty County, Effingham County, and Bulloch County.


When it comes to DUI charges, time is of the essence. The state of Georgia requires an Administrative License Suspension appeal to be submitted within 30 days in most cases, failing which your license could be suspended for up to a year.

In accordance with Georgia Law, you may face a DUI charge if your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) registers at or above 0.08%. Alternatively, if you are impaired by the influence of drugs and/or alcohol to a degree that impairs your ability to drive safely, this constitutes a DUI Less Safe, as opposed to a DUI per se. The distinction between these two forms of DUI hinges on your decision to submit to the State Chemical test. We have a strong track record in getting DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

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Domestic Violence Defense

Typically, when the police respond to a domestic incident, they aim to identify the initial aggressor, who is usually subject to arrest. If arrested on a domestic violence charge, you may face significant jail time and be required to participate in State-mandated programs, provided you are granted bond.

In the event you are out on bond for a domestic violence-related charge, you are typically obliged to commence the State-mandated family violence program within a specified period determined by the Court.

Penalties for domestic violence offenses in Georgia are as follows:

  • Misdemeanor offenses carry a potential sentence of up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000 (excluding court costs).
  • Felony charges may result in a jail term exceeding one year and/or a fine exceeding $1,000.